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What is the typical ordering process?

  • We are all about customization and delivering a totally unique product to your organization. While we have a visual of the process here: The Process , here are a couple more details to help bring this process full picture that help your order run smoothly and efficiently:

    • Once we start working on your design, mockup templates and finalizing your order with our team, we finalize via email​.

    • Upon item approval, we will send you an invoice and order form. The deposit must be paid and the order form MUST be filled out on time and complete, in order to receive your order on your requested in hands date and process your order. For every 1 day delay on payment and/or order form completion, there will be 3 days added to delivery date.

    • Before shipment, we will request remainder payment in full. Delay here will also result in 3 day extension to delivery date.

    • All items will then be shipped your way and we ask all missing items, defects and errors are communicated with our team, consolidated in one email within 24 hours of item delivery.

Are mockups and templates free?

  • Absolutely. We take pride in our design process and work hard to design the perfect product you are envisioning. It is an iterative process and we understand it can take a couple back and forths before we get it right. 

How long does it take to receive my order?

  • Once deposit and order form are received, typical turnaround time is 3-4 weeks with a few exceptions depending on the item you are ordering (if twill is added or not for example), your order volumes and what time of year you are placing an order. Please speak directly to one of our reps for more accurate timeframes when you are ready to order.

Are there minimums per order?

  • Yes, and minimums differ depending on which product you are looking to order. Please visit on of our individual product pages to see minimums for that item.

Is there free shipping?

  • Depending on the size of your order, we try our best to incorporate free shipping.  Please contact us for more details!

Do you issue refunds or accept returns?

  • Because the items we are creating are 100% customized to your design and unique team sizes, numbers, names, etc.. we do not issue refunds or accept returns. All sales are final upon acceptance of order via payment. Please see our Terms of Sale for more details.

Will you price match?

  • Definitely. We do our best to provide cost effective, high quality items. In the event that you have a competitive quote, please send our way and we'd be happy to price match!

What is the process and timeframe for re-orders?

  • All re-orders will be processed similar to initial orders, with an order form being filled out and a deposit required. Turnaround time however is closer to 2 weeks since we already have your original order and molds on file.

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